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In light of Buddyfight's cancellation, Ikeda has announced the Gate Ruler TCG! We'll be covering news on this new game on a new Twitter account!

Dragon Fielder

This set was released on April 21st, 2017 in English. The new Star Dragon World deck called "Dragon Fielder", which is used by a new character in season 4! A new class of monsters in Star Dragon World, these dragons are said to boast the highest defense in the history of Buddyfight, and feature a new entity that shines in 7 colors! This set will contain 17 card types (14 new cards/1 reprint/1 flag) At the launch of this deck and "Demon Lord: Dragon of Tempest", there will be a Start Dash campaign! By purchasing both decks, you will get a special PR Dragon World and Star Dragon World flag! Stores will only receive 12 sets of Promos, so get them while they last! This deck contains: 1 Star Dragon World 5 Radiant Crystal Dragon, Athora 4 Yellow Crystal Dragon, Lameur 2 Green Crystal Dragon, Brandy 3 Foam Crystal Dragon, Jubilee 4 Red Crystal Dragon, Binoyar 2 White Crystal Dragon, Morskat 4 Red Crystal Dragon, Malbec 2 White Crystal Dragon, Viognier 2 Dispersion 4 Visible Light 4 Prism Amulet 4 Mars Barrier 2 Harry Grind 4 Crystal Ball 2 Crystal Mark 3 Crystal Flawless Shoot!

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