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In light of Buddyfight's cancellation, Ikeda has announced the Gate Ruler TCG! We'll be covering news on this new game on a new Twitter account!

Climax Booster "Dragon Fighters"

This set was released on February 24th, 2017 in English. This set contains 107 cards, a few of which are reprints. There will be support for all worlds. 4 BR, 8 RRR, 12 RR, 23 R, 30 U, & 30 C + 24 SECRET. Each booster box guarantees one of four SECRET Packs! In addition, there are 2 Buddyrares and 2 SECRET Flags per case! Buddyrares and SECRET Flags do not replace a SECRET Pack in a box. Purchase of 2 boxes gets you a set of 3 special holo print promo dragon force cards if the store they were purchased from pre-ordered the boxes before December 23, 2016. Available while supplies last! - Twilight Dragon Force - Burning Dragon Force - Snowy Dragon Force The Gao Secret Pack will contain: - Dragon Force, "Style of Impact" - Sun Dragon Shield (alternate artwork) - Shining Sun Dragon, Bal Dragon - Handshake Dragon - Heat Wave The Tasuku Secret Pack will contain: - Dragon Force, "Style of Justice" - Full Liberate Jackknife - Proto Barrier (alternate artwork) - Dragonarms, Silt Fighter - Liberate Shoot The Gaito Secret Pack will contain: - Dragon Force, "Style of Retaliation" - Black Death Dragon, Retaliation Abygale - Abygale SD - Black Cloth Blade (alternate artwork) - Black Large Canyon, Disgorge The Azi Dahaka Secret Pack will contain: - Black Sky Sun Dragon, Azi Dahaka DaEva - Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Filder - Wizard of the Demonic Dragon, Toshiko Harido - Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Yobnozku - Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Horned Serpent

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