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Cross Dragoner

This set was released on March 4th, 2016 in English. This product is a pre-constructed deck consisting of 52 cards. 14 new cards, 3 reprints, and 1 flag. Packaging includes the deck, rulebook, life counter, and a paper playmat. Deck includes support for Star Dragon World. Deck List: 2 Four Quasar, Stein Cross (1 is foil) 2 Star Dragoner, T Alpha 4 Star Dragoner, Protofuser 2 Star Dragoner, Straggler 4 Dragonarms, Vogel 4 Star Dragoner, Blazer 4 Dragonarms, Slowing 2 Dragonarms, Strength 2 Star Dragoner, Crossfear 2 Brave Memory 3 Cosmo Healing 2 Surprise Laser 4 Speculight Ring 4 Earth Barrier 2 Single Star. Neo Medea 4 Photon Saber, Auroright 4 Jackknife, "Dragoner Wall!" (1 is foil) 1 Star Dragon World (Flag)

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