New World Chaos

This set will be released on March 23rd, 2018. Contains cards from X-SS03 and X-UB03 sets! The much anticipated X-SS03 is included in this product. Critical cards from five worlds and Generic for all your deck-building purposes! This product also contains many Chaos cards to upgrade your Chaos deck! Which means the associates of Wisdom get upgraded as well! Many cards from Katana, Legend, Danger, and... Magic World are included!? English Exclusive SECRET packs and BR! Many cards from SS03 and UB03 will be given the RRR-treatment and can be found in the SECRET packs! Not only that, but two monsters from SS03 come in Buddy Rare as well! Who could they be!? Collectors and fighters looking to foil-out their decks, you're in luck!! * This product does not contain signed cards Final form of "the Chaos" advents! "the Chaos" is indeed formidable. But it was just the beginning! Wisdom has been working on upgrading his deck and the world. And in this booster, his flag is finally upgraded!?! It comes as an easily attainable Rare, but there's a special rarity for it too... Just how much further is Wisdom going to upgrade it and what powers will he unleash unto our world!? Every display will contain 1 Secret Pack! This product contains cards from all Worlds ! Total of 127 types +15 SECRET types BR: 4 / SP: 6 / SECRET : 15 / RRR: 11/ RR: 22 / R: 33 / C: 50 / ??: 1 Common and Rare card parallel foils will also be inserted in random packs in addition to the normal rares!

Dual World & No World

Ancient World