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We're covering all sorts of Gate Ruler news on our newly launched website, GateRealize!

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A Journey Ends / A New Beginning

Hello buddies, Lykun here-

With the current inactivity of BuddySpoiler, I wanted to address what the future will look like for this website. Your support over the years have been great, and you deserve to know what's going on with this website, and what we're up to nowadays.

BuddySpoiler's Future

BuddySpoiler may very well not get another update beyond this post. We just don't have the motivation, between Bushiroad choosing to kill Buddyfight off, and most of us have moved on to other games.

However, BuddySpoiler will stay online for those who still use it to this day. We have no plans to take BuddySpoiler down in the foreseeable future. BuddySpoiler is special to me as it's my first successful project, so I personally want to keep it up.

Before you ask, sadly we will likely not add new cards as Thailand continues the game. I also can't personally say if we'll ever finish getting the backlog of cards from Buddyfight Hundred added. Sorry!

We do have one team member still working on Buddyfight projects. I would appreciate if you would check out Buddy Trans! on YouTube for subs of Buddyfight Season 1 every Friday!

What We're Doing Now

Most of us have moved over to Gate Realize, our newest website! Gate Realize is focused on Gate Ruler, a new card game created by Buddyfight's creator, but without Bushiroad involvement. We all love the work Ikeda put into Buddyfight's early life, so we wanted to support his newest project and it's been a lot of fun so far! We ask that you please check it out if you get a chance.

Thank You for your Support!

The support you have shown our team throughout the years has meant the world to us. We wouldn't be where we're at today without you all. Whether you follow us on our new path through Gate Realize and supporting Gate Ruler TCG, or you head towards Cardfight, Digimon, Magic, or whatever other game is next for you, I hope our time together in Buddyfight will be remembered.

For the final time (unless I need to fix typos), this is Lykun, signing off from BuddySpoiler. Thank you.