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Ace News, Rule Changes & Irregular List

The next season, "Buddyfight Ace", will start airing on June 2nd! The new protagonist, "Yuga Mikado", is Gao Mikado's son and his buddy is "Gargantua Dragon", or "Garga" for short.

Yuga is a YouTuber, and Ranma, the other kid in the picture to the left, is the director of Yuga's videos.

Buddyfight Ace will include rule changes and a banlist called the "Irregular List". All currently known info is as follows.

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Coming Soon to BuddySpoiler!

I would like to thank you all for your continued support of BuddySpoiler! We're nearing the time we can do major updates to the website, and if you would like to help us out, here is what you can do.

First, we have a Patreon where you can pledge an amount per month and depending on the tier, you gain some perks for your support.

Second, we have BuddySpoiler Shirts or Hoodies to wear to your local game store or regional event. All our funding goes towards our development.

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