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We're covering all sorts of Gate Ruler news on our newly launched website, GateRealize!

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GateRealize Website Launch!

Our latest website, GateRealize, has launched to cover all sorts of Gate Ruler news and information!

Starting off with an article system, we can cover information we had trouble covering with BuddySpoiler's website. Later on, GateRealize will have a dedicated card database that surpasses even BuddySpoiler's database!

Give GateRealize a visit and come join our Gate Ruler communities!

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Please Don't Support Bushiroad

Bushiroad has proven time and time again to care little about their players. They've killed off games their communities loved rather than attempting to fix them. They don't even think of us as players, just mere customers.

There are many card games out there that show more sense of community than Bushiroad ever has, and I'd love if you all could support to those companies instead. My main recommendations here would be Yugioh and Gate Ruler.

I know this isn't the most informative post, but please look into the shady and poor practices of Bushiroad if you have the time to do some research, and consider leaving all games run by Bushiroad, both physical and digital.

Gate Ruler TCG!

In light of Buddyfight's cancellation, Buddyfight creator Ikeda has announced Gate Ruler TCG! Gate Ruler is said to be a spiritual successor to Buddyfight, but without involvement from Bushiroad! We'll be covering news over on our new Twitter account if you would like to keep up with it!

Gate Ruler News!

Buddyfight Subreddit!

Our community manager currently runs the most active Future Card Buddyfight community on Reddit! If you're looking for a place to discuss new cards, promote your content or store, etc, look into participating in our subreddit!

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