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Apologies for the downtime during the Climax Set cardlist drops. We have upgraded our servers to avoid this in the future.
Also, if you are interested in the Bakugan reboot, check out our sister site, Brawler Cafe, and join its discord too.

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Disqus News on BuddySpoiler!

We're glad to announce the addition of Disqus on BuddySpoiler! Disqus is a platform that allows us to add a threaded comments system to our website featuring some additional functions like upvotes, reactions, and more coming later!

Currently all pages for Worlds, Sets, and Cards have these functions enabled. However once we get the ability to add news posts to the site, you'll be able to comment on those through Disqus too!

You can visit this page to view all discussions happening on the site! Hope you'll join us, we have more updates coming soon!

The New BuddySpoiler!

Welcome to the new BuddySpoiler! Our website has gone through a massive update to make the site look cleaner, and also work better on mobile devices. Our owner SaiScott has spent countless hours improving his abilities in mobile web design, and it has now paid off with this new design. Please take a look around, and message us on Facebook, Twitter, or Discord with your feedback.

Please note that as this is a huge update, there may be errors here and there. If you find any, we ask that you message us as soon as possible so that we may fix these issues as soon as possible.

Want to help support the future development of our website? Please take a few minutes to check out our Patreon page. Every dollar is appreciated!

As always, thank you very much for your support!

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