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Ace Re: Collection Vol.1

This set was released on December 20th, 2019 in English. The first Re:Collection for Buddyfight, and an English-exclusive release! Includes re-issues of many cards from every world, from hard-to-find Promos to cards from the old sets you've been looking for, all of them in foil and with flavor text removed. RRR will also have a new frame, never seen before. Featured Worlds: All Total Card Types: 50 (BR: 2/SP: 4/RRR: 10/RR: 14/R: 20) (47 Reissues) Three cards per pack, with each pack including a guaranteed RR or higher rarity card. Ten packs per display, and twenty-four displays per carton.

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Dual World & No World

Ancient World

Danger World

Darkness Dragon World

Dragon World

Dungeon World


Hero World

Katana World

Legend World

Lost World

Magic World

Star Dragon World