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The Dark Lord's Rebirth

This set was released on April 21st, 2017 in English. The first set of Season 4! This set will feature cards from the final stage of Triple D, as well as cards used in season 4! Look out for cards from Dragon World, Star Dragon World, Katana World, Ancient World, as well as some Dual Cards! Each pack contains 5 cards, with one being R or above as usual, with parallel foil versions of C, U, & R cards being randomly inserted into packs. Each box is guaranteed 1 Secret Pack as well! The set will contain 122 card types (3 BR/6 SP/8 RRR/12 RR/33 R/30 U/30 C) + SECRET. Additionally, 6 different limited edition PR cards will be available as box-toppers during the first print of The Dark Lord`s Rebirth, which are the following: - Katana World - Dungeon World (Ozon-B & Cat Art) - Combat Medic, Loaf - Essence of Ambush - Buff Grinder - Complete Warfare, Duel Jaeger For both English and Japanese distributions, there are now Buddyrares in colors other than gold, and SP Character Flags!

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Dual World & No World

Ancient World

Dragon World


Katana World

Star Dragon World