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In light of Buddyfight's cancellation, Ikeda has announced the Gate Ruler TCG! We'll be covering news on this new game on a new Twitter account!

Superhero Wars Ω - Advent of Cosmoman!

This set was released on September 14th, 2018 in English. This set was released on August 4th, 2018 in Japan.
For the first time, Ultimate Boosters will come to English in their original release form! (source) A special pack containing only Hero World appears again this year! You can build a deck focusing on "Galactic Superman, Cosmoman" used by the new character, "Mamoru"! Master the transformation gimmick and win! Another new attribute «Sky Machine Corps» is introduced for older players! {Weapon} is a new gimmick that skillfully manipulates items. In addition, support will be printed for existing attributes such as «Darkhero», «Brave Machine», «Battleship», «Superheroine», etc. Each deck will be strengthened! Two kinds of gorgeous foils with anime cast signatures are included as "Premium Rare". A powerful card used in the game will be signed! 68 Card Types (2 BR/2 Premium Rare /6 RRR/12 RR/18 R/24 U) [reprints included] Each pack includes 7 cards, RR or greater is guaranteed per pack (but no two RRR in one pack). Each box includes 10 packs, with 8 RR and 2 RRR per box.

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