Driven to Disorder

This set will be released on February 23rd, 2018. This set is comprised of the following Japanese sets: Strongest Batzz Awakens ~Crimson Thunder Emperor~ and Strongest Batzz Awakens ~Black Autodeity~ Climax arrives in X! As the climax booster from last season was fervently received by everyone, it is here again this season!! This set will be jam-packed with powerful cards from the climax of the animation series! ! Can you stand the heat? Ratio Adjustment As there are a higher number of types in this booster pack, we have adjusted the distribution of cards to accommodate this. SECRET packs are guaranteed in each box, but... there are boxes with TWO SECRET packs!?!? Who will be the lucky ones!? Full RRR-treatment SECRET packs!!! YES! You read that right. SECRET packs have normally been three cards with RRR-treatment and two with R-treatment. However, this time, ALL FIVE CARDS in SECRET packs come in RRR-treatment!!! 5 cards in 1 pack Every pack definitely has one R or above rarity card! Guaranteed one SECRET pack sealed in every display! And some has two SECRET packs…!? Distribution of cards in this set adjusted to accommodate the number of types Parallel foil versions of commons and rares are randomly inserted. Tons of new Thunder Empire cards will be released! In addition to main character Gao's new cards, there will be new cards for Black Dragons, 72 Pillars, Dragon Chief Emperors, Guardians, Neodragons, Toilet, Crew Troopers, Executioners, Prism Dragons and more! Also featured, New support for Chaos! In addition to new cards for Wisdom's deck, there will be new support for Magic World, Danger World, Katana World, and Legend World. Grimoire's Magic World deck can be formed from this set. In addition, the new character's "Autodeity Army" deck can be found in this set. Total card types: 144 + 24 Secret (BR: 4/ SP: 6/ RRR: 12/ RR: 24 / R: 36/ C: 60/ ??: 2) All Worlds will receive support.

Dual World & No World

Ancient World

Danger World

Darkness Dragon World

Dragon World

Dungeon World


Hero World

Katana World

Legend World

Magic World

Star Dragon World