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Evolution & Mutation

This set was released on August 25th, 2017 in English. This set is comprised of the Japanese sets Super Dragon Fifth Omni Formation vs Hundred Thunder Demons, Radiant Evolution vs Purgatory Knights Conviction, and Mecha!! 100 yen Darkness Dragon World. Each box will contain 1 of 4 RRR-treatment flags! These are likely the character flags from the Festival-version Double Decks. There will also be a new promo campaign released alongside this set featuring 8 new promos for buying 6 packs of any Buddyfight set or 1 Trial Deck, called the Summer Recollection set! 143 card types (BR: 7/RRR: 22/RR: 24/R: 30/U: 30/C: 30) + Secret: ? NOTE: We at BuddySpoiler would like to apologize for incorrectly listing 5 World Build Masters as being a part of this set. When Product Information dropped, Legend World was listed as a primary World of the set. In previous instances a small number of cards for a World, like the 3 Legend World cards featured in the Hundred Demons deck, have not been enough for a World to be listed as a Primary World of a product, so seeing that Build Masters featured Legend World, I took it as evidence of Evolution & Mutation including the set, after figuring out it was possible for all the new cards to fit in the set. However, with the newest Evolution & Mutation commercial, the set codes for Fifth Omni Successor, Drum and Radiant Dragoner, Jackknife "Sol Aster" revealed that all 70 non-Secret slots in the set not taken by CP03 would be occupied by SS01 and SS02. Our apologies for all the confusion and misinformation this may have caused.

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Dual World & No World

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Darkness Dragon World

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