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Crossing Generations

This set was released on June 16th, 2017 in English. Featuring a huge assembly of monsters from the animation, and three of the six Buddy Rares are the ever-popular Buddies of Gao! This set is comprised of the Japanese sets Mecha!! 100 Yen Dragon World and Mucha!! 100 Yen Star Dragon World. Each box of this set will contain 1 Secret Pack, 5 RRRs, and 7 RRs, as well as 5 Parallel Foils, including 1 R and 4 Cs! Each box also comes with one of up to 4 promos! ・Fire Deity Cavalry Dragon, Ameno KaguzuchiDragonarms, Radiant KanoneBal Dragon, "Gold Bal Shine!"Meteorarms, Gravidirge Pre-order Bonus: 2 Promos per 2 boxes preordered! ・Batzz X SelectSelection of Athora Secret Packs in the set will contain the 3 cards in foil, than the main card in R treatment and a random of one of the other two cards in R treatment. Example: A Sun Dragon Secret Pack will contain Style of Impact, Bal Dragon in Secret treatment, Sun Deity`s Fragment, Bal Burn and Burning Dragon Jr. in RR treatment, a 2nd Style of Impact, Bal Dragon in R treatment, and one of either Sun Deity`s Fragment, Bal Burn or Burning Dragon Jr. in R treatment. Lastly, there are 2 Buddyrares in a Case. This product contains cards from Worlds: Dragon and Star Dragon 146 types of cards (BR: 6 / RRR: 20 / RR: 24 / R: 36 / C: 60) Rare and Common card parallel foils will also be inserted in random packs in addition to the normal rares! 5 cards per booster, 30 booster per box, 16 boxes per carton.

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Dual World & No World

Dragon World

Star Dragon World