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Vile Demonic Husk Deity Dragon, Vanity End Destroyer


Lost World

Card Type:



Lostvader, Dimension Dragon


Power: 70000 / Critical: 2 / Defense: 1000

Card Ability

■ You may only call "Vile Demonic Husk Deity Dragon, Vanity End Destroyer" once per fight. ■ [Call Cost] [If you have one or more hand cards, put all hand cards into its soul face down] ■ When this card enters the field, put your entire deck into its soul face down. ■ You cannot lose the fight, this card on the field cannot have its abilities nullified and its souls dropped by your opponent's card effects. ■ "Dimension Gate -Desist-" At the start of each player's turn, put a soul from this card into your hand. [Triple Attack] [Soulguard] [Lifelink Lose]

Flavour Text

If the spiral of animus truly has no end, then it has nowhere to go but the Nihility.

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