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Thunder Knights, Heavenly Bow Dragoarcher


Dragon World

Card Type:

Size 1 Monster


Armordragon, Red Dragon


Power: 3000 / Critical: 1 / Defense: 3000

When this card specifies a card with "Thunder Knights", it actually uses "迅雷", which is just the "Thunder" part of Thunder Knights card names. However, other cards with "Thunder" in their card name are translated from just "雷", so we have left it as "Thunder Knights" to avoid confusion. For clarification, this card interacts with all "Thunder Knights" cards, as well as "Thunderblade, Dragobreaker", "Thunder Formation", and "Thunderstorm Formation.

Card Ability

■ You may only call this card if there is a card with "Thunder Knights" in its card name on your field. ■ "Thunder Arrow" When this card enters the field, put up to one card with "Thunder Knights" in its card name from your deck into your hand, and shuffle your deck. "Thunder Arrow" only activates once per turn. [Move]


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