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Buddyfight Sets

Satsuki Operated Convertible Outframe, Hazakura


Hero World

Card Type:

Size 6 Monster




Power: 15000 / Critical: 3 / Defense: 7000

Card Ability

■ This card gets all abilities of size 5 «Battleship» in its soul. ■ Soul in this card cannot be dropped by your opponent's card effects. ■ At the start of each player's attack phase, you may call a «Crew Trooper» from this card's soul by paying its [Call Cost]. [Double Attack] [Soulguard] [Station] [Put this on top of a «Battleship» you are [Station] at on your field]

Flavour Text

To keep up with the intense battles, Hazakura was developed as additional equipment for Satsuki. (RRR) Witness Satsuki's power-up! (SP)

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