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Buddyfight Sets

Martian UFO Transformation, Takokichi Omega


Hero World

Card Type:

Size 2 Monster


Battle Building, Superhero


Power: 6000 / Critical: 2 / Defense: 4000

Card Ability

■ [Call Cost] [Pay 1 gauge] ■ This card on your field cannot be destroyed by your opponent's card effects. ■ [Act] If you are [Ride] on a «Battle Building», drop the top three cards of your deck, put up to one size 3 or greater monster and up to one spell from among them into your hand. You may only use this ability once per turn. [Double Attack] [Ride] [Pay 1 gauge]

Flavour Text

Let me explain! Takokichi rides a martian UFO which combines with Tako-station to form Takokichi Omega! (RRR) The martian UFO Takokichi rides on shall evolve beyond the stars! (BR) Whenever there's a Buddyfight, you'll find me - Ion Nanana! (ER)

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