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Lostknight: Nero Lance

Card Type:

Size 1 Monster


Drametal, Lostvader


Power: 5000 / Critical: 2 / Defense: 3000

Card Ability

■ [Call Cost] [Pay 1 gauge & Put the top card of your deck into its soul] ■ [Counter] [Act] "Oppress" During your turn, you may pay 1 gauge. If you do, put this card on your opponent's open left or right. If this card is on that area, it becomes an oppressed area. ■ At the end of your turn, if this card is on an oppressed area, deal 2 damage to your opponent! [Soulguard]

Flavour Text

Yes, my Master. Despair and suffering upon him. (RRR) "Oppress them, Nero Lance!" "Yes, My Master." (SP)


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Questions & Answers

Q2412: What happens to the oppressed area when the card put on it leaves the field?

A: The area will return to the original fighter. It is treated as an oppressed area only while the card placed on it by "Oppress" is on the area.

Q2413: Can I put a new monster on the oppressed area?

A: No, you cannot. Both fighters cannot put new monsters on the oppressed area.

Q2414: Is the monster in the oppressed area included in the size of the fighter?

A: Yes, it is included. The oppressed area is treated as the area of the fighter who controls it. Therefore, if the total size of their monsters, including their oppressed areas, is 4 or more, oversize process occurs.

Q2415: Fighter A's left is taken as an oppressed area by Fighter B's "Oppress" ability. In that case, will the oppressed area as either left or right from each fighter's perspective?

A: Even if it is changed to an oppressed area, whether it is a right or left monster area will not change. In this case, when viewed from Fighter A, the oppressed area is the opponent's left, and when viewed from Fighter B, the oppressed area is your own left.

Q2416: Can I attack with a monster in an oppressed area?

A: Yes, you can.

Q2417: Can I attack the opposing fighter with a card in an oppressed area, when there is a monster in the opponent's center?

A: No, you cannot. Even monsters in the oppressed area cannot target the opposing fighter as an attack target if there is a monster on your opponent's center.

Q2418: Can monsters in the oppressed area be put on their original area by [Move], etc.?

A: Yes, they can. However, when moving from the oppressed area, it will revert back to normal.

Q2419: Is there an upper limit for oppressed areas?

A: No, there is not. It is possible to make as many of your opponent's areas into oppressed areas as possible.

Q2420: When do you declare the area for this card's "Oppress"?

A: When declaring the ability. "Oppress" chooses an opponent's area when declaring the ability, and afterwards the opponent can use [Counter].

Q2421: I choose an area to "Oppress". If the opponent calls a monster to the chosen area with [Counter], can this card be put on the chosen area?

A: No, you cannot put it because it is no longer an open area. "Oppress" can only put a card if the chosen area is open while resolving the ability. If the chosen area is not open while resolving the ability, you cannot put the card. However, since the gauge payment says "you may", you can choose not to pay 1 gauge when resolving.

Q2422: If the ability of the monster in the oppressed area is nullified, will the oppressed area disappear?

A: No, it will not disappear. Since the "Oppress" ability has resolved, even if the ability of the monster in the oppressed area is nullified, it remains an oppressed area as long as the monster is on it.

Q2423: When Fighter A's "One Winged Hate Dragon, Left Slasher" is on the field, this card used "Oppress" to put itself on Fighter A's left. Does the "Thunder Mine" of "One Winged Hate Dragon, Left Slasher" activate?

A: No, it does not activate. When a card is placed in an oppressed area by "Oppress", it is not entering the field, because it is moving from another area on the field. Therefore, a monster was put on the opponent's left, but since it is not entering the field, the condition of "Thunder Mine" is not met.

Q2424: The opponent uses the ability of "DEATH Wave Rod, Sterben" while I have 4 monsters including an oppressed area. Can a different monster be put into the oppressed area?

A: No, it cannot. Neither player can put new monsters in the oppressed area. If you move monsters in the oppressed area to another area, you would play monsters one at a time in the center, left, and right, and the remaining monster(s) cannot be put in a monster area, so they are put into the drop zone.