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Lost World

Card Type:


Card Ability

■ You cannot choose "Lost World" as your initial flag, and all flags may have up to two of this card in the deck. ■ You may use ‹Lost World› cards. This card get the abilities of the flag chosen by "Belost". ■ "Belost" At the end of your opponent's turn, choose one of your flags, and you may pay 2 gauge. If you do, put this hand card on top of the chosen card, remove your deck from the fight, shuffle your Lost Deck and put it in the fight. You may only use "Belost" once per fight.


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Questions & Answers

Q2357: During fight preparation, can I choose "Lost World" as my first flag, and the Lost Deck as my deck?

A: No, you cannot.

Q2358: Does "Lost World" have a world name or attributes?

A: No, it does not.

Q2359: Can you [Counter] "Belost"?

A: Yes, you can

Q2360: While "Lost World" is in your hand, I did not use "Belost" at the end of my opponent's turn. Can I use "Belost" at the end of my opponent's next turn?

A: Yes, you can.

Q2361: When declaring "Belost" at the end of the opponent's turn, I cannot pay 2 gauge due to my opponent's [Counter], and I cannot place "Lost World". During that fight, can I "Belost" again?

A: No, you cannot. After declaring "Belost" of a "Lost World" in hand, you cannot declare "Belost" again during that fight.

Q2362: The deck is removed by "Belost", but what about the cards placed in areas other than the deck, such as the field, hand, gauge, and drop zone?

A: The fight continues with them remaining where they are. "Belost" removes the main deck, but does not affect cards placed in other areas.

Q2363: At the end of my opponent's turn, I have "Lost World" in hand and a card with an automatic ability that activates at "end of turn", which ability activates first?

A: The abilities can be used in any order. "Belost" is activated by declaring it when the timing of "end of turn" is satisfied, and then goes into a standby state. If there are multiple abilities in standby state at the play timing, the fighter resolves each ability in an order of their choosing.

Q2364: At the end of my opponent's turn, "Lost World" is not in my hand, and it is added to my hand by an ability that activates at the end of my opponent's turn. Can I use "Belost" this turn?

A: Yes, it is possible. At the end of turn, the cards and abilities that are conditioned "at end of turn", etc. and the play timing occurs immediately afterwards. If there are cards and abilities whose condition is "at end of turn" which were not in standby state at that play timing after everything that was in standby state has resolved, and the conditions are satisfied, it can be used.

Q2365: I use "Belost" at the end of my opponent's turn. After resolving "Belost", can I use cards and abilities that have [Counter]?

A: Yes, you can.

Q2366: I used "Belost" at the end of my opponent's turn, while I have an "Electrodeity of Light, Amaterasu" equipped by the ability of "Kagura-bell of Worship". After that, can I use the [Counter] [Act] ability of "Electrodeity of Light, Amaterasu"?

A: No, you cannot. If there are automatic abilities triggered by your cards, you cannot use cards or abilities with [Counter] until you resolve those automatic abilities. In this case, the "At the end of each player's turn" ability of "Kagura-bell of Worship" in the soul of "Electrodeity of Light, Amaterasu" has been triggered, so if you have not resolved this ability, you cannot use cards or abilities with [Counter].

Q2367: If my opponent has a "Death Gauge Timer" with no soul, can I use "Belost" before the "At the end of turn" ability of "Death Gauge Timer" resolves?

A: No, you cannot. If multiple automatic abilities are triggered, resolve all automatic abilities of the turn fighter, and then resolve all automatic abilities of the non-turn fighter. In this case, you must resolve the "At the end of turn" of the opponent's "Death Gauge Timer" first, and you cannot "Belost" as a [Counter] to that ability.

Q2368: Is it possible to "Belost" if your flag is face-down by the ability of "Ultimate Great Spell, World Pandemic!".

A: Yes, you can. Since it can be used with all flags, the information of "Lost World" is not lost when the flag is face-down. In the case of "Belost" on a face-down flag, the flag selected by "Belost" has no information, so there is no ability to get. (For example: When put on top of a face-down "Dragon World", you can use ‹Lost World› cards, and cannot use ‹Dragon World› or ‹Generic› cards.)

Q2369: What happens when "Lost World" is flipped face-down by "Ultimate Great Spell, World Pandemic!"

A: Because the information of "Lost World" is lost, you cannot use ‹Lost World› cards, nor the cards written on the flag chosen by "Belost".

Q2370: When your flag is "Lost World", can you "Belost"?

A: No, you cannot. "Belost" can only be used once per fight. If you have already used "Belost", you cannot use "Belost" for the rest of that fight.

Q2371: What happens when you "Belost" on "∞ Infinity the Chaos ∞"?

A: It gets the abilities of "∞ Infinity the Chaos ∞", it does not get attributes, power, defense, or critical. As a result, "Lost World" cannot attack, and when you are attacked you will take damage even if the attacker's power is less than 10000.

Q2372: If you "Belost" on "Dragon Zwei", can I use "Finalizer" of "Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Destructor" to draw cards?

A: No, you cannot. "Lost World" gets the abilities of "Dragon Zwei", but not the card name. Therefore, the "if your flag is Dragon Zwei" condition of "Finalizer" is not fulfilled.

Q2373: I "Belost" while I have "Dragon Throne" [Set]. The flag is no longer "Dragon Ein", so will "Dragon Throne" be placed in the drop zone?

A: No, it will not. However, when the flag is "Lost World", you cannot [Set] a new "Dragon Throne".

Q2374: I used "Belost" while [Transform] into "Demonic Dragon Deity of the Black Sun, Gaen". The flag is no longer "Dragon Drei", so will "Demonic Dragon Deity of the Black Sun, Gaen" be placed in the drop zone?

A: No, you do not. "Demonic Dragon Deity of the Black Sun, Gaen", cannot be put into play if the flag is not "Dragon Drei", but it will remain in play if already on the field.

Q2375: If you "Belost" on "Thunder Emperor's Fangs", can I use "Offering for the Thunder Emperor"?

A: No, you cannot.

Q2376: I "Belost" while "Fake Replica Weapon, Gemclone" chosen as my buddy. Can I use impact monsters from worlds other than ‹Hero World›?

A: No, they cannot be used. "Lost World" will get the abilities of "Hero World", but it will not get the card name. As a result, when the flag is changed to "Lost World", the continuous ability of "Fake Replica Weapon, Gemclone" will not be active.