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A new Irregular Lists has been announced, coming into effect November 1st, 2018!
Tomonoshin will be unrestricted, and Obstruct put to 1! Check out the details on the official site.

Gargantua Dragon

Card Type:

Size 2 Monster


Dragod, Deity Dragon Tribe


Power: 7000 / Critical: 2 / Defense: 4000

Card Ability

■ You may use this card with all flags. ■ [Call Cost] [Pay 1 gauge & Put the top card of your deck into its soul] ■ {G EVO} At the end of the battle of this card, call up to one «Dragod» monster from your hand on top of this card without paying its [Call Cost]. [Double Attack] [Soulguard]

Flavour Text

No foes will stand before my swords. Come forth, you who desire to fight. (SECRET) The strong wins. Ergo, I win. (AR) I shall etch the extents of my power into your eyes. (BR) "Let's go, Garga!" "Leave it to me!" (SP) Not yet... I aim for greater heights... (SS02)

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