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Case Closed

Card Type:

Size 0 Monster




Power: 1000 / Critical: 0 / Defense: 1000

Crossover cards refer to "monsters" as "characters".

Card Ability

■ You may have any number of "Culprit" in your deck. ■ [Act] Destroy a character on your opponent's field, and put the top card of your deck face down into this card's soul. You may only use this ability once per turn. ■ If you would take a damage, if you have two or more "Culprit" in your drop zone, you may drop a face down soul from this card. If you do, reduce that damage to 0. ■ "Ability name" If the soul of this card you are [Transform] into becomes six or more, you win the game. [Soulguard] [Transform] [Pay 1 gauge]


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