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March with the Dragon Lords

This set was released on 29th Oct 2021 in English, and on 26th Mar 2021 in Japan.

Deck List
GS03-L "K-11 Knight" x1
GS03-001 "Golden Sword Dragon Findar, Dragon Lord Pentarch of Holy Blade" x1
GS03-002 "Explosive Dragon King, Detonizer" x3
GS03-003 "Velgaster of Thunderous Wings" x3"
GS03-004 "Variere of Mirror Scales" x2
GS03-005 "Mysterion of White Fog" x3
GS03-006 "Garris the Ice Breaker" x3
GS03-007 "Verklight of Raging Flame" x4
GS03-008 "Golden Sword" x1
GS03-009 "Dragostrike" x4
GS03-010 "Dragon of Id" x2
GS03-011 "Heavenly Kirin" x2
GS03-012 "Canhel" x4
GS03-013 "Space Raptor" x4
GS03-014 "Space Cave" x4
GS03-015 "Butterfly Effect" x4
GS03-016 "Space Carthage" x3
GS03-017 "Ice Flame Heritage" x3
GE-1 "Energy Card" x3